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Bynoi Desouza

Love Movement Evolution
Educator, ISTA Faculty & Internal Arts Coach.
Presently Traveling - Europe/United Kingdom
I’m passionate about creating pockets of creativity, possibility & emergence through deeper & subtler levels of embodiment & awareness in the body-mind. Offering spaces & invitations to see & be seen, reveal, feel, & alchemize "Rigid" aspects of Self-Identity that no longer serve into possibilities of greater authenticity, body-mind awareness & creative expression.

I’m an International Educator, Speaker, & Facilitator.

I’m also: Faculty at International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) , a Somatic Sexual Educator & Internal Arts Coach (Sexual Shamanic, Taoist Internal Arts, & Esoteric Embodiment modalities), Co-Facilitator & co-creator of the residential & online experiential intensive Master Your Pleasure created by Elaine Yonge, A Native, Classical Tantrik Educator & Practitioner & a Professional Dancer.

I grew up in India & lived there till the age of 23. I have spent the last 15 years facilitating, teaching, & living in Europe (Belgium, Sweden & UK amongst other countries), Asia, & South America.

Diverse embodied fields, often in source language (Classical Non-Dual Hindu & Tibetan Buddhist Tantrik traditions; Somatic Sexology; Trauma-informed Neuro-Plastic & Transformative practices; Nervous System Awareness, Dance (Argentinian Tango, Classical Indian Dance, & Sacred Dances) & Somatic & Movement Research; Shamanic & Soul Awareness; Mystery Traditions, Temple Arts, & Taoist Internal Arts inform my approach, spiral of enquiry, and work.

Inviting you to find out more about me:

Writing & Website & Newsletter - https://lovemovementevolution.com
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bynoidesouza
Longer Bio - https://lovemovementevolution.com/binoy
FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/lovemovementevolution

Upcoming events:

Cultivating Kundalinī | Sept 18 - Oct 9, 2021 | 3 Week Online Journey with 7 Live Online Sessions - https://lovemovementevolution.com/event/kundalini02

A3-week Online Live Group Sessions (native) Tantrik, Somatic, & Energetic experiential intensive prioritizing unblocking, circulating & cultivating life-force energy in the body. 7 Live Group Sessions exploring varied techniques, practices, exercises, self-rituals and meditations detailed in the section below spaced out over 3 weeks to support deeper isolation & integration

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