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What is Exquisite Dark Love Coaching?

Exquisite Dark Love is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) exploring the messiness of humans and open sourcing clarity and wisdom through critical thinking and conversations. His purpose is to support individuals and communities on the path of exploration, connection, trust, and sovereignty. When we come together, wisdom and support naturally arise, and this is how shift and growth happen! Welcome to the new paradigm of living and relating. Welcome to the path of Exquisite Dark Love.

Website: www.exquisitedark.love
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Who is Philippe Lewis?

Philippe is a relationship educator. He created Exquisite Dark Love to support men and women in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become sovereign humans through the practice of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, love, and the exploration of attachment theory. He is the co-founder of ReMENber Brotherhood Journey, a coordinator with ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and a modern voice on critical thinking around morality and the integration of Masculine, Feminine, Dark, Light, and Shadow. Over the years, he founded the Open Relationship Community, the Attachment Community, and the Consent Community to support new emerging conversations on these important topics. He is also the happy father of a 9 year old boy who teaches him how to surrender to love and life more fully every day.

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Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/philippesimonlewis/

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, December 4

12:00pm PST

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