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Ico, (pronounced Ee-Co) the Incredibly Caring Organism is a Wandering Love Mystic and uses They/Them pronouns. They are the founder of Enlightened Consent Foundation, which provides kinky, polyamorous and LGBTQ+ identified individuals with transformative experiences and supportive resources so they get to experience being completely seen, honored, and loved and co-create a world where everyone feels that they belong in.

Sex educators, relationship coaches and consent experts partner with Enlightened Consent Foundation to ignite the love lives of kinky, polyamorous and LGBTQ+ people because most suck at marketing, are getting kicked off their platforms because of their sexual content, and aren’t making enough money to live off of following their calling. So our nonprofit helps them to put marketing funnel systems in place, have a platform to openly and safely speak about sexuality, and make a greater impact across the world.

Bottom line, they are a part of causing a paradigm shift of how humanity relates to sexuality and sexual expression. Ico identifies as queer, genderfluid, kinky switch, and polyamorous. They are creating safer communities for people like themselves to be connected, embraced, understood, and loved for who they truly are. What Enlightened Consent means to Ico is that they believe that each person is their own sovereign being and gets to say what is right for themselves and what they want, need, and desire in their love life. Ico believes that as long as the people involved are consenting and existing relationship boundaries are being respected, it doesn’t matter what anyone else outside of that thinks or feels about what they are choosing to consensually do with each other. Ico believes that when you honor everything consensual and honor the authentic truth of yourself and others, you can have relationships that you LOVE and THRIVE in!

Those who identify as Kinky, Polyamorous, or Queer hire Ico to ignite their deepest darkest desires and manifest their hottest fantasies because most aren’t clear on what they actually want for themselves, are told that there’s something wrong or bad about their sexual desires or feel shame and guilt around what turns them on. Ico helps you get down, dirty, and direct with your desires, fantasies, and partners.

Ico works with individuals and groups of people to discover, embrace, and communicate what is true and authentic to their soul and what they need to have the most fulfilling love life and relationships that their heart desires. Ico has been studying the subjects of love, dating, sex, and attraction since 2004.

They have had over 300 hours of training in recovery from trauma, Therapeutic Kink, Somatic Sensual Healing, and Energy Sex Facilitation. From these trainings, Ico has been able to empower their clients to get clarity on their needs and desires, become okay with wanting what their heart wants and learn the communication skills to be able to share those needs and desires with others so they get to experience them in their life! Ico is also a 2 time Amazon internationally best-selling co-author.

Their first anthology, “Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life” came out in March 2014 . Their second book collaboration, “Ignite Love: Real Stories of Defining Love and Manifesting More of it in Your Everyday Life”, came out July 31st 2020. Ico believes that you can have everything that your heart desires and craves for your relationships and love life with those that consent to it.

To find out more about Ico and Enlightened Consent, go to EnlightenedConsent.net. There you can get our FREE worksheet Getting to Know Your Sexual Desires which will bring you another step closer manifesting the love life that your heart desires.

FB: https://facebook.com/bigfish0 FB Business page: https://facebook.com/EnlightenedConsentFoundation IG/TikTok: @EnlightenedConsent YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZSLm293LpKtLKcY2RodZA Twitter: @NlightenConsent

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