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My journey towards developing the Restorative Relationship Conversation model began working in the field of Restorative Justice. As a professional Restorative Circle facilitator and trainer, I was continuously struck by the power of dialogue, within a safe and structured container, to radically transform conflict into a tremendously healing process. After my marriage of 10 years ended in divorce, I experienced a personal crisis that left me in desperate need of deep self-exploration.

I realized there were still many things I personally needed to work on and develop in terms of my ability to communicate and manage my own triggers in relationship.

My personal process eventually led to the field of Attachment Theory, which inspired me to examine the role attachment issues play in relationship conflict, deepening my understanding of the way unresolved conflicts inevitably resurface and undermine our connections with our partners.

This new clarity inspired me to return to the restorative conflict model I had previously used and re-image it as an important tool for helping individuals with lingering relationship wounds to find resolution.

Through the Restorative Relationship Conversation model, I am privileged to share my passion for facilitating new and healthier models of conflict resolution that offer legitimate means of reconciliation, particularly in the context of intimate relationships.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, December 4

12:00pm PST

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