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Cliff, Charity, and Mel, known by their Empowered Pleasure Community as the CCM triad, are the co-founders of Empowered Pleasure whose mission is to empower all humans to give and receive pleasure in abundance. We believe that the first intimacy must be with the self.

The mindless pursuit of pleasure is NOT our goal. Every decision we make is in the interests of helping people improve their capacity for joy, pleasure, autonomy, intimacy, and connection in their relationships. Maximizing consensual pleasure is our goal, and that’s achieved by learning how to give without expectation and to receive without obligation – the complete opposite of seeking pleasure at the expense of another.

We defy dogma and rules that seek to limit or even shame pleasure and delight in life. We believe that in the right situation and with the right tools, profound, life-changing pleasure can be had by all, and that this is the most powerful way of changing our planet for the better.

Charity Joy: Charity specializes in trauma and interpersonal neurobiology. She is interested in how attachment and conscious connection in the absence of defense mechanisms enhances capacity for self-knowledge and abundance and has the power to heal on an individual level and a global level.

She is currently working on applying John Gottman’s work on relationships to different styles of ethical non-monogamy. Charity specializes in using what we know about the brain and mirror neurons to help others navigate the difficult waters of polyamory. She has special interest in how religious upbringing creates emotional memories of shame that have enduring negative impacts on sexual relating until they are fully processed and integrated.


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