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Friday, December 3

8:30pm PST

Making Love A Priority
Are you struggling to find the passion and spark in your relationship? Is the sex not what it used to be, or what you know it could be?

Do you prioritize your work over your relationship and are challenged to make your partnership flow?

Are you interested to connect Sex, Love, and Spirituality in your relating but don't quite know how? Or do you simply want to bring more pleasure and excitement into your couple?

Learn how Making Love A Priority can breathe new life into your relationship in this workshop.


avatar for Dharmaraj


Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Sexuality & Intimacy Coach, Holistic Healer and former Biological Holistic Dentist. As Lead Faculty of Tantra Essence team, he offers trainings and healing sessions internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA. He offers Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching, for... Read More →

Friday December 3, 2021 8:30pm - 10:00pm PST
Hall 2

9:00pm PST

Collective Dreaming
There is a future possibility emerging, the paradox between independence and the collective is calling for a integration.

Feel into the elegance and skill in pulsing as a collective organism whilst harnessing the power of our individuality.

Together we can weave and co-create a vast network of relationships that feeds itself and evolves symbiotically.

The group has an innate intelligence. We hold a collective magic when we relate authentically and in pure love.


avatar for Damien Bohler

Damien Bohler

Damien is the founder of Evolutionary Relating - a burgeoning online intersubjective university for the development of human consciousness. He has 10 years experience facilitating groups in relational practices and is particularly talented at weaving complex information together and... Read More →

Friday December 3, 2021 9:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Hall 1
Saturday, December 4

1:00am PST

From Pain Body to Pain Buddy
Know thy 'Pain-body' and awaken into thy truth. We all have a 'Pain-body' some may be more dormant or active than others but we all have one. The 'Pain Body' is that aspect of ourselves which feeds off suffering, feeds off resentment, resistance, blame, anger, frustration, drama, self-loathing, depression, suppression, protection, anxiety, doubt, guilt, shame, fear, judgements, expectations and conditions. It loves hanging out in reaction mode, and really cannot stomach joy.

Ultimately it will do whatever it needs to do to survive, and this can result in physical, mental, emotional abuse and violence. This shifts dramatically when we become consciously aware and know the difference between functioning, acting or reacting from our 'Pain-body' or acting from our authentic embodied selves. What is an authentic self and how can we come to recognise the 'Pain-body' in our own lives and bring awareness, harmony and love to this aspect of the human psyche? Becoming aware of our 'Pain-body' is a vital step in living our truth and communicating Transparently.

Once we do become aware of this side of ourselves that needs our love, we can integrate it into our wholeness of being. Then we see that all those who come into REAL-lationship with us, are giving us an opportunity to heal and observe who we truly are. Together with awareness we learn to love this shadow side of ourselves, through embracing, integrating and embodying all that we are.

The 'Pain-body' literally transforms into our 'Pain-buddy' This will be in interactive workshop to share experiences and ask questions. My intention is that you leave with a heightened awareness of your destructive behaviours and can begin to catch yourself when are activated in your pain and about to enter the feedback loop from hell.


avatar for Simon Paul Sutton

Simon Paul Sutton

Simon Paul Sutton is an ambassador of love, a motivation messenger also known as an awakened thief. He doesn't break into houses, instead he invites you to break open your expansive heart and love yourself and all of life unconditionally. He doesn't impress with status, he inspires... Read More →

Saturday December 4, 2021 1:00am - 2:30am PST
Hall 2

6:30am PST

The Path of Consorts
The Path of Consorts is a path towards wholeness. You will learn the cornerstones to walk this path and go through exercises which give you an embodied imprint. We will then build on those cornerstones and focus in particular on how working with The Cross, which represents our core polarities as human beings - masculine & feminine, soul and body - can support relating to go into deeper intimacy at all levels while also supporting yourself and each other to become whole.

This will be experiential. This is an opportunity for healing, for evolving, and for dropping deeper into intimacy with yourself and with each other.


Saturday December 4, 2021 6:30am - 8:30am PST
Hall 2

9:00am PST

Erotic Communication and Negotiating Skills
Explore positive, up-lifting intimate communication that honors each person and supports erotic connection while giving feedback or asking for a shift in behavior.

Assuming our partner wants to please helps us open to negotiate shared experiences that meet both of our needs.

We practice asking while mirroring nurturing touch, and find our erotic requests allow both to relax into pleasure.

Using role-play, we practice negotiating a shared playing field, so a possible no might find a yes. This experiential work enhances self-esteem and builds self confidence.



avatar for Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose, M.A., Tantra teacher for 24 years, is a skillful coach in intimacy and communication skills. She founded LoveJourney: The Healing Path of Tantra fostering a compassionate community practicing erotic arts. She has extensively studied body-centered therapies, relationship... Read More →

Saturday December 4, 2021 9:00am - 11:00am PST
Hall 2

12:00pm PST

Restorative Relationship Conversations
Inspired by Restorative Justice, Restorative Relationship Conversations offers a unique model for addressing conflict and unresolved past events by creating a safe space in which individuals can have difficult conversations.

The goal of this workshop is to give participants a process, based on the principles of Restorative Conversations and Non-violent Communication, with which they can start skillfully working through lingering relationship challenges.

This workshop will equip its participants with both a proven model for creating a safe container in which to have a hard conversation, as well as the practical and effective communication skills to successfully make themselves heard and seen by their partners.


avatar for David Cooley

David Cooley

My journey towards developing the Restorative Relationship Conversation model began working in the field of Restorative Justice. As a professional Restorative Circle facilitator and trainer, I was continuously struck by the power of dialogue, within a safe and structured container... Read More →

Saturday December 4, 2021 12:00pm - 2:00pm PST
Hall 2

12:00pm PST

The Art of Clearing Relationship Karma
Learn to clear deep issues between you and other human beings! This class will teach you a very powerful and successful process to move from experience, to story, to feelings, to apology, to forgiveness, to letting go, so that karma can be cleared between you, anyone you are in conflict with, anyone you do not feel fully self-expressed with, or anyone you feel complete with, so that you can care for each other better (if you wish!) and with more love moving forward.

In this original class you will...
★ Explore the story behind your relationship, conflict, and/or experience
★ Dive into what happened and feelings that were present for you in this story
★ Discover the needs that were left unmet behind each feeling
★ Experience your feelings and needs being received and acknowledged
★ Experience receiving an apology and (if you wish) forgiving the other person for not meeting your needs
★ Get the opportunity to say goodbye and feel complete

This class does not require the attendance of the person you wish to clear with. It is designed to allow you to do the work you need to feel complete with this person regardless of their ability to meet you or be present with you. In a way, it is simple and gentle grieving process to support you in your healing and growth.

For this session please: Be on a laptop, Have headphones


avatar for Philippe Lewis

Philippe Lewis

Owner, Exquisite Dark Love
What is Exquisite Dark Love Coaching?Exquisite Dark Love is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) exploring the messiness of humans and open sourcing clarity and wisdom through critical thinking and conversations. His purpose is to support individuals and communities on the path of exploration... Read More →

Saturday December 4, 2021 12:00pm - 2:00pm PST
Hall 1

4:00pm PST

Undefining Love – Getting back to our Origins
Undefining Love – Getting back to our Origins Long before the word “Love” was ever spoken or written, mankind thrived and survived. In fact, for as long as man has walked this earth, how we connect has been at the core of our human existence.

At a very definable point in our evolution the concept and the word “love” was introduced and since that time it has become one of the most popular words in our vocabulary, regardless of the language we speak. But at what cost? What if you were to discover that our attempts to define love have caused more grief than pleasure?

Conversely, what if love could be recognized in such a way so that it could never be depleted, depreciated, or lost? This is what you will discover and experience in this class. Maha Mudra Tantric practices speak to the concept of “A life well lived”.

How we leverage our love against behaviors and conditions directly impacts how well we live. In this workshop you will be invited to come fully alive and stay alive with this new concept of undefined love.


Saturday December 4, 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST
Hall 3

9:00pm PST

Unconditional Love: It's not what you think
From time to time, each of us tunes into different negative noises, like radio stations in our head, such as “I’m bad,” “I’m not enough,” or “I don’t deserve love.”

How do we listen to who we actually are, rather than all the noise? How do we love each noise, each condition, in order to unconditionally love? As human beings, how do we welcome both our Human side and our Being side, rather than taking sides? One way is by welcoming and enjoying the noise.

In a safe and supportive setting, we’ll use dialogue and embodiment practices to welcome some of our internal noises and apparent conditions as our beloveds, and give ourselves a chance to receive deep empathy for who and how we are.

The session is structured to allow each person to gently find his or her “tender edge,” and go only as deep as he or she chooses. Come take a short vacation from working on yourself. Bring your open heart, your curious heart, your shy heart. All hearts are welcome.


avatar for Rick Smith

Rick Smith

Outside Presenter

Saturday December 4, 2021 9:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Hall 2

9:00pm PST

Wonderlove: Between Personal & Universal Love
In the depths of human love, in the heart-cracking moments of personal relating, we are often reminded of a bridge between us and a much bigger, universal Love.

This universal Love does does not center around humans, but it includes humans in the very fabric of Life itself as part of a much larger ecosystem that is not based on whether or not we feel safe or whether we'll end up with the perfect life partner.

This workshop is a journey into some of our stuck places, in an exploration of how these tension points can actually offer keys for us to pop out of our small stories into the truth of who we are. We'll be looking at relationship as an active rite of passage, not just something passive that we "end up" in.

We will explore the old, calcified myths of what love looks like, moving into the unknown territory of being in relationship with Love itself.


avatar for Ellowen & Jonathan

Ellowen & Jonathan

We are two humans who've travelled to the depths of personal and universal love over many years/lifetimes. Currently at Highden Temple in New Zealand, we're about to launch a podcast together called Wonderlove.What is Wonderlove? Wonderlove is the dance of being a wild, vulnerable... Read More →

Saturday December 4, 2021 9:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Hall 1
Sunday, December 5

12:00am PST

The Dragon Couple
How to unleash wild levels of passion, love and creativity in any relationship...

Join Arion Light, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Warriors of Love, into a wild exploration into your creative power. ‘Our bodies and primal life-force are not donkeys to be dragged around by an overactive mind. they are wild dragons to be awoken and ridden into an extraordinary life of love, passion and contribution’.

You are a wild dragon ready to awaken your primal life-force and ride it into an extraordinary life. In this session you will meet the dragon that lives in your loins, and receive both training and initiation in the how you can bring this dragon into how you create everything.

I know you have big and wild dreams you want to create in this world, let’s awaken the dragon and bring forth its raw power to awaken your dreams. Not only will you meet your dragon in this session, you will also learn how this primal power can be directed into any and every area of your life for a whole different way to create and achieve epic results.


avatar for Arion Light

Arion Light

Warriors of Love
I have a mission to see Warriors of Love rise all over the planet and together create a world shaped by Love. I've spent over 15 years serving thousands of people to awaken to their own essential nature and ground it into living as love in action in the world.I believe that our spiritual... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 12:00am - 1:30am PST
Hall 1

6:00am PST

Encounters to Fall In Love with Anyone (including yourself!)
Questions to make you fall in love with anyone. Do you long to go beneath the surface of the boring, “Hi, how are you” and create deeper connections with anyone, be it a stranger, a new friend or your beloved? To feel the intimacy of what arises when two (or more) people come together in full presence and wonder?

By bringing curiosity to your conversations, learning to share vulnerably from your heart and welcoming others to do the same, we will create depth, truth, realness, joy and tenderness that connects you to the beautiful layers of what makes each of us human. In this workshop, you will fall in love, again and again, with different partners through mini-encounters.

You will exchange words, feelings, emotions and expression that will leave you feeling touched, seen, heard and received. Most importantly, you’ll fall in love with your own self through discovering facets of your own being that you may not have met before.


avatar for Alice Hong

Alice Hong

Alice is a personal growth mentor that supports women let go of who the think they “should” be and create lives that turn them them ON in life, love and business. She the creatrix of Wild Women Temple, UnTamed: Wild Feminine and facilitator for Women Who See in the Dark. Her skillfull... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 6:00am - 8:00am PST
Hall 3

9:00am PST

Somatic Sound Resonance For Women in Leadership Roles
Using the power of your voice, movement and specific breath patterns you can learn to heal your body from anxiety, fatigue, hormone imbalances, low sex drive and BURNOUT (something we all need at this point in history).

Hi, Beauties, my name is Georgia, and I experienced extreme fatigue, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, brain fog, hyper/hypo arousal and disconnection from my body for many years. This affected so many elements of my life, caused stagnation in my role as a leader and therapist and created a major tear in the fabric of my intimate relationships and sexuality.

Thankfully, there is a way out. In this workshop you will come away with a better understanding of the poly vagal theory, somatic release and ELI (embodied learned intimacy).

You will learn how to soothe and nourish your nervous system every day and begin the journey, in real time, to heal dis-regulation and dis-ease in your body.

Please bring a journal and pen and be somewhere quiet so you have space to move, make sound and express. This workshop is part theory/wisdom and part embodiment and participation is highly encouraged. This workshop is trauma informed and suitable for anyone who identifies as a Woman or Non-Binary folk.


avatar for Georgia Morley

Georgia Morley

Georgia Morley is an Therapeutic Somatic Regulation Coach, accredited CBT and trauma Informed Relationship Councillor with over 13 years of experience working with women around addiction, physical, cognitive and emotional body health, developmental trauma and sexual reclamation after... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 9:00am - 11:00am PST
Hall 3

3:00pm PST

***SESSION CANCELLED*** Self- Care & Co-Dependency in Relationship
Self- Care and Co-Dependency in Relationships is a workshop designed for participants to do the work of exploring their unique desires and gifts in life and as partners in relationship.

They will form a deeper understanding of their own personal boundaries and how to share these authentic expressions of themselves; and develop clear strategies to care for themselves, experience needs fulfillment and cultivate health and autonomy in their connection.

We will also explore the experience of co-dependency in relationship as a societal norm and how we can experience the balance of autonomy that works best for us as individuals with increased awareness and mindfulness.


avatar for Rev. Amanda Ganley

Rev. Amanda Ganley

Rev. Amanda Ganley is a powerful truth-speaker, preacher-lady, podcaster and spiritual coach who provides a guiding light to those wanting to level-up, move mountains and get out of the way of their own personal growth and transformation.Rev. Amanda creates equitable, transformational... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 3:00pm - 4:30pm PST
Hall 2

3:00pm PST

Psychedelic Couples* Therapy
This workshop will explore how Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC) such as psychedelics can be ripe opportunities for people to connect and deepen their relationships, with themselves and others. 
As a practicing relationship therapist, Kate will talk about current best practices as well as historical and emerging research into how psychedelics can be used in relationship therapy. Since ketamine is the only legal psychedelic outside of clinical trials, there will be a focus on ketamine assisted psychotherapy. 
Participants will have a chance to ask questions about psychedelics and relationship therapy and learn how to find practitioners and how to get the most out of relationship therapy.
*the term “relationship therapy” is preferred because it is less mononormative, “couples therapy” is a more well known term 


avatar for Kate Kincaid

Kate Kincaid

Kate Kincaid is a licensed professional counselor in Tucson, AZ. She runs a group private practice that specializes in working with LGBTQIA2S+ clients, people in ethically non-monogamous relationships and people seeking psychedelic integration therapy.She has long been interested... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 3:00pm - 4:30pm PST
Hall 1

3:00pm PST

Hot Monogamish: Exploring the Wilder Shores of Relationship Safely
Have you ever wondered if there is more than one way to design and create monogamy? Are you curious how to keep intimacy and passion alive with one person for the long term? This class is in an informational, exciting, innovative and interactive manner drawing from the neurobiology of love, Tantra, psychology, and sexual shamanism.

YOU WILL LEARN: A simple technique to create connection The best way to reignite the spark How to explore one another's sensual map The basics of modern Western Tantra you can take home to immediately practice A way to communicate that will inspire love in your partner How to tell your partner that you want something different in a way that is romantically connective And more. .


avatar for Francesca Gentille

Francesca Gentille

Clinical Sexologist, The Red Cauldron
Francesca Gentille, Certified Clinical Sexologist and initiated shaman, inspires transformation through combining the science and soul of sexuality. For over 20 years, she´s compassionately empowered 1000s of clients, and students around the world to reclaim the spark, bridge sexual differences, heal... Read More →

Sunday December 5, 2021 3:00pm - 5:00pm PST
Hall 3

9:00pm PST

The Balance of BEing & DOing: How to Actually Have it All in Health, Wealth, and LOVE
You have one precious life to live... Do you "make the most of it" by DOING everything?  Or do you "take time to enjoy today while you have it" by BEING present?  It has long been an elusive concept... how to balance the being & the doing.  In this workshop, Jaymin will present new thinking around these concepts to free yourself from patterns you may be stuck in, and also offer tools to strike the right balance to lead you to a live of freedom & abundance in health, wealth, and love.  You truly CAN have it all... come learn the exact steps and new thinking that will lead you feeling successful AND satisfied in your life.



Sunday December 5, 2021 9:00pm - 10:30pm PST
Hall 1
Monday, December 6

6:00am PST

The forbidden fruit
Juicy, alive, dark, hidden, shadow, secret What do you deeply desire, and what are you most afraid of?

This interactive talk and shamanic journey explores the depth of our creative expression when we give it space to reveal itself. What if Adam never bit into the apple?

Explore the edges of your darker eros and your brightest light


avatar for Jasmeen Hana

Jasmeen Hana

ISTA Faculty, @jasmeen_ra
Jasmeen Hana is fully committed to the path of transformation and embodied truth  In her upbringing in Egypt she learnt a lot about the effect of suppressing life force and how it manifests are dis-ease and lifelessness. In her pursuit for freedom, vitality and living truth she left... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 6:00am - 8:00am PST
Hall 1

9:00am PST

Heart iQ Intimacy Dojo
The Heart iQ Dojo is an an online space to practice embodied communication, relational attunement & group field facilitation.

This 3 hour workshop will be facilitated by Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart iQ, along with his team - and you will be offered an opportunity to experience how becoming more Heart Intelligent can deepen your relationships and support you in your awakening and healing journey.
The Heart iQ Dojo will:

    • Help you become fluent in the communication language of Heart iQ to upgrade all your relationships.

    • Give you an opportunity to develop your 'felt sense' through embodiment & attunement practices.

    • Provide a space to do your inner and relational work in connection with others in tribe & community.

    • Give you a foundation in Heart iQ Relationship Coaching & Group Field Facilitation.

By participating in this Dojo you will be guided through a series of practices to deepen your presence, open your Heart and becoming more skilful in feeling self, others and the field.

See you there!

avatar for Christian Pankhurst

Christian Pankhurst

Heart IQ
Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart-intelligent relationships. He is the creator and founder of Heart IQ™, a revolutionary new language of the Heart designed to help individuals, couples, families and communities reconnect and... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 9:00am - 11:30am PST
Hall 2

12:30pm PST

Psychedelics and Modern Relationships
This is a discussion and experience on how personal empowerment, female sexual freedom and conscious couples cultivating freedom with the use psychedelic therapy.

Following the discussion we will set an intention of freedom within relationship with plant medicine ritual with intention setting followed by creative visualisation supported by music.

Please join us from the comfort of a private space if possible so you are able to experience the workshop fully


avatar for Sarah Tilley MLCHom LTCL CMA

Sarah Tilley MLCHom LTCL CMA

Musician, healer, creator and activist, Sarah has been leading men, women and couples through altered states for 20 years individually and in groups. Working with plant consciousness, plant medicine and homeopathy for complex mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disease for long... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 12:30pm - 2:00pm PST
Hall 3

3:00pm PST

Embody your Sensual Intelligence through Self-Love
Have you ever felt jaded and disillusioned? Going through the motions of what “they” say will make you happy, give you love, success, acceptance?

It can feel so hard to feel at home in your own skin. A lot of times we just need to be reminded that we are enough. “Our society tells us that we are fundamentally flawed and wrong, that our natural state is bad, so we abandon ourselves, again and again in order to survive.

We search for and try to gain acceptance and belonging from outside of ourselves. However, this social system already abandoned itself, turned away from the wisdom of nature, the cycles of the earth, life, and death, to the point where it simply does not feel safe to try or explore anything new.

Dropping into our Sensual intelligence is a workshop that allows us to embody and embrace our own perfection.

Come home into your body, come into your power, using movement, sound, and rewrite the stories of who you are. To join with ourselves. To nourish ourselves. Gif yourself to gift of self-love.”


avatar for Shawnrey Notto

Shawnrey Notto

Shawney is the sensual intelligence guide, teaching and inspiring people to reclaim their joy and pleasure, and embody self-love, so they live fully, joyfully, full of pleasure, and uniquely themselves.She is the author of the soon to be published book on Sensual Intelligence: The... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 3:00pm - 5:00pm PST
Hall 2

6:00pm PST

Cultivating the New World: Loving Beyond the Self
We are in a time of paramount importance to find our way back to LOVE. To align our actions to that which nurtures all living beings including our precious, live-giving Earth. It is now that we have the opportunity to CHOOSE our thoughts, behaviors, and actions so that it is in the benefit of all beings, not just a few. This is where our power lives, in the cultivation of compassionate community.


avatar for Trish Wright

Trish Wright

Self-Love and Codependency Coach, Love Coach Academy
Trish Wright is a trauma-informed Self-Love and Codependency Coach, Certified Sex Coach, and Master Love Coach with Love Coach Academy. She's passionate about educating the youth to cultivate healthy relationships with One Love Foundation. Her work empowers people to take ownership... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST
Hall 1

7:00pm PST

Beyond the Labels

Monogamy or Polyamory? Is that really the question.

As I’ve walked the path sexuality development I’ve felt less of a need to subscribe to any label and have moved with a current of truth and understanding of the many ways sex can exist in the world.

Sex with romance, sex without partnership, sex for medicine. The more I’ve reconditioned myself to move with eros and not with the status quo I’ve experienced profound safety, long lasting harmonious relationships and wild pleasure filled sex has become the norm.

If you’re travelling the path of curiosity about what lifestyle suits you best. Join us to explore the terrain of sex, love and freedom.


avatar for Victoria Redbard

Victoria Redbard

Founder & CEO, Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy
Victoria Redbard is Australia’s leading sexuality expert. A speaker, author, facilitator and altogether business badass. Over the past 3 years she founded the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy, a globally accredited sexuality school honing its cutting-edge Self Pleasure Modality... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 7:00pm - 8:00pm PST
Hall 2

9:00pm PST

The 3 Commandments of 3somes, 4somes, and Moresomes
 Multi-partner interactions can be among the most exciting and rewarding sexual experiences, and they can also be among the most awkward and unpleasant.

PART 1 (E1) We’ll start with the 3 essential rules for creating fulfilling, drama-free, multi-partner “dates” as well as describing what situations and/or initial conditions are almost guaranteed to create a truly memorable disaster.

Those three commandments are:
1. Everyone wants to be there.
2. Everyone wants everyone else to be there.
3. Everyone needs to remain aware of everyone else, at least most of the time.

We’ll cover:
• Why do so many people fantasize about multi-partner experiences?
• What configurations can a 3some take?
• What’s different about a 4some and a 3some?
• What’s an orgy?
• What are the biggest fears going in to multi-partner play?
• What are the warning signs that “this may be a bad idea…”?
• How do we negotiate boundaries and desires beforehand?
• What are good ways to start the interaction?
• How do I check in with my partner without stopping everything?
• How does one deal with “sex brain” in any of the participants?
• How do I leave in the middle without bringing everything to a halt?
• How can we be sure everyone gets their fill?
• What are good ways to end?
• Why is it a good idea to have a closing cuddle?
• What are the potential effects on my relationships later?


avatar for Charity Joy

Charity Joy

Cliff, Charity, and Mel, known by their Empowered Pleasure Community as the CCM triad, are the co-founders of Empowered Pleasure whose mission is to empower all humans to give and receive pleasure in abundance. We believe that the first intimacy must be with the self.The mindless... Read More →
avatar for Cliff Rees

Cliff Rees

Cliff Rees: Cliff taught meditation for 20+ years to thousands of people all over the world (Iran, India, Philippines, Switzerland, US).He's studied Tantra since 1998 with Alan Lowen, and is a graduate of Alan's 2-year Body, Heart & Soul Training. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops... Read More →
avatar for Melanie Moseley

Melanie Moseley

Melanie Moseley is a theatre artist, musician, writer, storyteller, and teacher. Her one-woman show Sexology: The Musical! explores her journey from monogamy to solo-polyamory, covering the entire range of sexuality and relationships. Sexology toured from Portland, OR to Portland... Read More →

Monday December 6, 2021 9:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Hall 2
Tuesday, December 7

12:00am PST

Soul Relating
Which is the right relationship style for those today who truly want to show up for love?
Open relating?
What if it’s none of these, and potentially all of them?

What if love doesn’t actually care about any of these in particular, but wants to work through whichever of them most deeply serves the growth of those involved for where they are on their journey?

More and more human beings today are realising that relationship is not some soft, sweet pet they can come home to at night to keep them warm, and finally solve their belongingness needs and mother and father wounds.

Rather, we are realising that love is here to bring us into relationship with those we can most powerfully grow, evolve, heal and awaken with. . To take us on an extraordinary journey that breaks open our hearts at the most powerful and vulnerable level, to reveal our most nakedly sacred being. . And all of this is inviting us into a radically new way of relating to each other.

One where the lovers involved no longer simply see each other as static personalities whose job it is to stay faithful to their needs of each other, ‘till death do them part’.

But rather to see each other as souls – as sovereign beings of essential wholeness who are on a journey of evolving, healing and awakening to more fully emerge as who they truly are. When we start to see each other in this way, no particular relationship style is inherently right or wrong, and all could potentially serve the evolution and healing of those involved if it fits where they’re at on their journey.

We get that when we relate this way, nothing is certain. We dare to strip away and let go of the promises that prop up conventional relating. We take our stand with each other – soberly, vulnerably and ecstatically – in the unknown, promising each other no absolutes, yet knowing that we are entering into a love for each other that will never die, regardless of whether the romance lives forever, or eventually comes to an end.

We enter the path of soul-relating, and relationship is never the same again. In this intro workshop we will dive into the shadows & gifts of SOUL RELATING and how it can empower our personal and collective evolution - as human, humanity, earth.


avatar for Jon Darrall-Rew

Jon Darrall-Rew

Jon Darrall-Rew is a transformational leader, mentor, and facilitator living just outside his beloved home city of Berlin, Germany. Jon is founder of AVATARA, Leadership One, and co-leads Shamballa School, which is an international community founded in 2001 by Bruce Lyon dedicated... Read More →
avatar for Celeste González

Celeste González

Celeste González is a Berlin-based 21st century priestess. She holds transformational retreats and temple spaces that aim to empower you on your path towards more love, eros & leadership. Her turn-on is to help you awaken your primordial wisdom and remembrance of fierce cosmic love... Read More →

Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:00am - 2:00am PST
Hall 3

4:00am PST

Decoding Relationship Conflicts and Projections
Sooner than later we all find ourselves in relational conflicts that seem to be utterly unresolvable. Those knotted situations, where all we can see is the fault on the other side, where we want to be right, because we "KNOW we are right". In this workshop we will learn an essential relationship tool that helps us decode the projections we hold on our partner(s) and with it discharge the energy held in conflicts.

It is an invitation to let life actually teach us the lessons it has in store for us all. Relationship is a big journey all the way back to our hearts, to the places that are unloved, unresolved and keep lurking in the shadow. This workshop gives you a powerful + practical process to work with, regardless of your partners involvement.


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Dara Stara

Dara thinks it is too damn hard to write a two sentence fun bio, but her favourite color is skin. Just so that you know (it is actually me, writing in the third person), Dara equals the stardust on your fingertips when you are about to uncover another layer of BS that you’ve plastered... Read More →

Tuesday December 7, 2021 4:00am - 5:30am PST
Hall 1

9:00am PST

Dance to Feel
During this workshop you can experience deep healing and reconnection of energy flow in your body. This Workshop is your inner dance of freedom and self-awareness. The process is happening from the inside and from the outside and it has enormous power and healing abilities when you heal yourself through music, movement and sounding of your body.

The main purpose of the workshop is to release the old, negative and unneeded energy from your energy centres, your body and the system, to renew and reconnect the energy flow in you, step by step, by acknowledging, feeling and sensing yourself.

During the process you will be offered to feel range of emotions that we are capable to feel – fear and courage, longing and connection, suppression and expression, submission and power, grief and love, sadness and joy and more.

You will be able to track what you resist and unwind the patterns, and to allow to be yourself in full presence of everything that you are, and you are not. In the first part of the workshop, you will be introduced with the process. In the second part of the workshop, we will go into the practice guided by music, breath and movement for releasing and renewing the energy in the whole energy system of your body.

The process is very nourishing and inspiring – you will feel much more connected to yourself, your body and your sensations. It will be like coming home from a long journey.

The workshop is about 1,5 hours. You will need speakers or headphones to hear the music and guidance, free space to move and your full presence in the process. Come and enjoy your full being as it is – colourful, powerful and full of life and joy!


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Jana Briede

Jana Briede Jana is yoga and dance trainer, self- love coach and retreat facilitator. Her path to self-love has happened through many ways - travel, dance, family life, meditation, awareness practices, tantra, coaching and much more.She always had more questions than answers in her... Read More →

Tuesday December 7, 2021 9:00am - 10:30am PST
Hall 3

12:00pm PST

Platonic Intimacy
The Art of Falling in Friend-Love. 

This workshop will consist of 60mins of discussion, games, and practices around platonic intimacy. We will explore ways of accessing states of closeness while maintaining clean and consistent boundaries. The discussion will involve real life examples of both failures and success in platonic intimacy and will close with a 15minute Q&A.

An additional 30mins has been added to this workshop in order to focus on the topic of PG-Polyamory, Exploring the Space Between All or Nothing. In this closing piece we will explore the idea of intimate and sensual connection without the need to "go all the way" to experience the freedom we are seeking within committed, open relationships.


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Kaela Atleework

Founder of Montaia
Kaela Atleework has been a connective facilitator, public speaker, and community builder for 10+ years. She has taught workshops all over the world from corporate business retreats all the way to transformational music festivals.Her research lies in the art of human connection, and... Read More →

Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:00pm - 2:00pm PST
Hall 1
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