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Spiritual Tantric Life
Spiritual Teacher
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Kaela Atleework

Founder of Montaia
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Bansi Buckley

Field of Awakening
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Dawn Cherie

ISTA Lead Faculty
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Bynoi DeSouza

Love Movement Evolution
Educator, ISTA Faculty & Internal Arts Coach.
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Ico Edward Fish

Enlightened Consent Foundation
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Rev. Amanda Ganley

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Francesca Gentille

The Red Cauldron
Clinical Sexologist
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Robbie Griffin

Dark Heart Initiator
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Jasmeen Hana

ISTA Faculty
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Eugene Hedlund

Founder, School of Tribal Tantra; ISTA Faculty
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Lennart Hennig

Institute for Integral Development and Collective Growth
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Winter Jade Icely

Lifting the Veils; the mystical feminine; ISTA Apprentice
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Aaron Kleinerman

Embodied Awakening Academy
Lead Male Teacher
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Philippe Lewis

Exquisite Dark Love
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Arion Light

Warriors of Love
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Bruce Lyon

Wild Love
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Emerald May

Production Team - Heart
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KamalaDevi McClure

The Inner Marriage: Be the Beloved; ISTA Lead Faculty
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Larry Michel

The Institue of Genetic Energetics
Founder & CEO
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Reid Mihalko

Sex Geek
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Kevin Orosz

High Performance Coach
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Emily Orum

The Heart Ninja
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Ohad Pele

ISTA Lead Faculty
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Victoria Redbard

Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy
Founder & CEO
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Rachel Rickards

The Field / Embodied Intimacy
Founder & CEO
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Rick Smith

Outside Presenter
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Riya Sokol

Artist, Singer & integration guide & Transformational Spiritual Guide
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Silver Storic

The Edge Co-Creative
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Trish Wright

Love Coach Academy
Self-Love and Codependency Coach